…if the doors of perception were cleansed, …everything would appear as it is, infinite



About me

My name is Shar Ruth and I’m a professional tarot reader, healer and spiritualist working in British and Caribbean traditions. I live in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and work in Dutch and English. I’m originally from the UK.

Tarot has been a big part of my life for all my adult life. A few years ago I started public reading on a regular basis. I love doing readings at different locations, as well as in person or online.

My spiritual roots are in western-esoteric religions and spiritual systems, i.e. wicca and the hermetic kabbalah, as well as eastern healing methods.

Around 10 years ago I was introduced to Afro-Caribbean religions, which completely changed my life and way of viewing the world. A few years ago I was fully initiated into Santeria in Cuba. See ‘More’.



Spiritual baths for cleansing and purification

Besides tarot readings I also offer hands-on healing (reiki, quantum touch, spiritualist healing), guidance around ancestor work and cleansings and purification by a range of methods including herbal and flower-based spiritual baths, and orisha-based cleansings. Feel free to book a session or ask for more information.


Ancestor work

Spiritual practice in the traditions I follow starts with building up a good relationship with our ancestors.  Learning to communicate and maintain a good relationship with my ancestors has been life-changing for me and is the basis for everything I do. I am grateful for everything I have learned and enjoy passing it on and teaching. Feel free to ask for help and/or more information.