Shar Ruth

Tarot has always been a major part of my life. A few years ago I started public readings on a regular basis and today I read for and teach tarot to increasing numbers of people.

Besides giving tarot readings en workshops I’m an active espiritista in the Cubanse and Puerto-Rican espiritismo traditions. This means that alongside my personal practice I organize misa espirituals, also known as mesa blancas, as a communal activity. I also teach related practices and skills.

More information about espiritismo, misa espirituals (mesa blanca) and the boveda is available under the espiritismo heading and under services.

As a Santeria priest I also provide services and organise activities around the religion. This means that I promote knowledge and awareness of the Orishas, among other things by their stories and songs.


Healing and spiritual baths for cleansing and protection

A large paft of my work also consists of healing, cleansing and purification. I give hands-on healing (reiki, quantum touch, spiritualist healing), and guidance around ancestor work as well as purifications and cleansings with herbal and floral spiritual baths, as well as Orisha-based baths. See Healings and Cleansings under Services elsewhere on this site.


Ancestor work

Spiritual practice in espiritismo and Santeria starts with building a good relationship with our ancestors.  Learning to communicate and maintain a good relationship with the ancestors can be life-changing and kickstart a healing process which is beneficial for the entire family tree. We do not so much as revere our ancestors, we honour them and seek to communicate with them for our own benefit and theirs. I give guidance around ancetor work and ancestral healing. See Ancestor Work under Espiritismo under Services on this site for more information.