About me

My spiritual roots are in western-esoteric religions and spiritual systems, i.e. wicca and the hermetic kabbalah, as well as eastern healing modalities.

Around 10 years ago I was introduced to Afro-Caribbean religions, which completely changed my life and way of viewing the world. A few years ago I was fully initiated into Santeria in Cuba.

It was as part of Santeria that I also started practising ancestor communication and different forms of spiritualism/spiritism, now part of my daily life.

All this time tarot has been a huge support, helping me get through crises and challenges, and advancing me in new forms of contact with the spiritual world. Although I often say that nothing of tarot can amaze or surprise me anymore, I am frequently still awe-struck by its intelligence and power.


Spiritual baths for cleansing and purification

Besides tarot readings I also do healing work (reiki, spiritualist healing), ancestor work and cleansings and purification by spiritual baths and other methods. Feel free to ask for more information.

“Ancestors” by Sue Armstrong

Ancestor work

Ancestor communication has been life-changing for me. Today, maintaining a good relationship with my ancestors is the basis for everything I do. I am grateful for everything I have learned and passionate about passing it on, teaching and demonstrating. Feel free to ask for more information.