'Beyond' by Sue Armstrong

Misa espiritual

Misa espiritual or Mesa Blanca is a beautiful communal ceremony in the tradition of Cuban and Puerto Rican espiritismo. Together we sing and pray, use herbal and floral baths to cleanse, meditate to connect with ‘spirit’ and pass helpful and uplifting messages from our spiritual guides to others. The purpose of a misa espiritual is to (re)align ourselves with our spiritual destiny, to advance spiritually, to commune with each other and the spirit world and to be cleansed of any negative energies we may have picked up or carry with us. Coming to misas on a regular basis will help you develop your spiritual sensitivity and mediumship powers so you can also help other people.

We hold regular misa espirituals. Check Agenda. You can also book a misa espiritual for your family/friends/at your home, or a misa workshop, or a ‘misa investigacion’, which is a misa directed solely at identifying your current spiritual court, i.e. the spiritual presences walking with you.







Central to the misa espiritual is the practice of espiritismo and the use of the boveda. Here, we lovingly commune with our ancestors and spirit guides. The boveda is the starting point for growth and development in espiritismo and our style of mediumship, cleansing, healing, ancestor communication and communication with spirit guides.

Espiritismo is a spiritual system often practiced side-by-side and in conjunction with Santeria. While Santeria is partly only accessed through initiation, espiritismo is open to everyone and may therefore function as a starting point to explore Santeria. However, espiritismo can and does also function very well as a stand-alone practice. See above for information about Santeria.