…if the doors of perception were cleansed, …everything would appear as it is, infinite



Looking for a tarot reading for answers, insight or inspiration?

Like other oracles (i.e. I Ching, the Dilogun), the mysterious way tarot works is a large part of its  appeal. Consulting the tarot is an alternative way to get answers and gain insight and fresh perspectives, a source of information based on the intelligence and wisdom of the benevolent spirit world.

I base my tarot readings on traditional meanings, with lots of focus on symbolism and mysticism. But I also read intuitively, as well as drawing on my communication with my ancestors and spirit guides. My readings are down-to-earth or spiritual, or mostly a mix. Although I often think that nothing about tarot can amaze or surprise me anymore, I am frequently still awe-struck by its intelligence and power.



The doors

Tarot can open many doors. The doors to our own subconscious, the collective  unconscious, doors to new information, different modes of perception, to connecting with our ancestors or guides, to self-knowledge, wisdom, healing and recovery. It is often at pivotal moments in our lives, where we stand at the crossroads and have major decisions to take, that new doors open and we are shown new roads to travel.

The cards

Reading tarot is very different to reading oracle cards, which aim to give spiritually uplifting messages. Tarot is based on a fixed structure and is a traditional form of divination, meaning it will give honest messages about your issues and your life, and will help you uncover the truth and move forward in your life by offering solutions to any issues you’re having. My inspirational card section contains messages that are more in line with oracle cards.

The meanings of the Rider-Waite-Smith cards, the most commonly used and best known tarot deck, are very briefly set out under the sub-headings Major Arcana and Minor Arcana under ‘Workshops’.

When I teach tarot in workshops or courses I use the Rider-Waite tarot, which is the easiest for beginners.  If I’m doing a reading, unless the person has another preference, I almost always use the beautiful Thoth tarot.