Reiki Healing 

Reiki is a spiritual healing method originally developed and taught by Mikao Usio in Japan in the early twentieth century. It is passed from master to initiate by a process of initiations, otherwise known as attunements. It describes itself as using ‘Universal Energy’ to heal and elevate oneself and others. The nature of the Universal Energy channeled is loving, peaceful, soothing, healing and elevated. The energy may or may not heal or positively impact affect physical ailments, but will generally always have a positive effect on psychological, emotional and spiritual malaise. The positive, healing nature of Reiki may occasionally cause a turnaround in a person’s life due to its collision with unhealthy, negative energy that needs to be cleared. Regular channeling or reception of Reiki may or will initiate a spiritual process leading to personal growth and life-changing events and revelations. 


Quantum Touch

Quantum Touch is a hands-on or distance healing practice that involves calling up a potent source of energy by breathwork, visualization and body-awareness. The energy can especially be used to clear, remove or cleanse energetic blocks and dirt in the body that manifests as painful knots and blockages, as well as helping bones to spontaneously adjust to their proper alignment. The Quantum-Touch healing process involves “running energy” into the recipient’s body. It is more of a lively, activating energy than Reiki and affects the body and mind differently. It is also possible to combine Quantum Touch with Reiki in a single session. 

Spiritual healing baths and washes

Spiritual healing baths are prepared in special ceremonies and use specific ingredients such as flowers, herbs, fruits or other foodstuffs like dairy or coconut milk to cleanse, purify, strengthen, heal, renew or bring about protection or defence against spiritual dirt, confusion and/or attack. Choose from a range of spiritual baths, as well as baths blessed by one or more Orishas. Baths may be part of a more wide-ranging cleansing procedure or another procedure (e.g. preparing for an initiation), and can be made on request or prescribed by divination. It is possible to order a spiritual bath and pick it up to take home. ​

 Foto: Nathalie van Wees

House cleansing

People often have no idea that problems in their lives are occurring because of the spiritual state of the place where they live. A home can be physically clean but spiritually and energetically dirty. This can create tension and sadness in the home leading to unnecessary arguments, headaches, insomnia, lack of concentration, etc.

Methods that may be used to cleanse your home include:

Flower or herbal spiritual washes

herbal smudges

Calling in the Arch Angels /Orishas


Healing songs

Misa espiritual

Beyond by Sue Armstrong, Amsterdam

Orisha headwash / Rogacion de Cabeza

An orisha headwash (or head prayer) is a beautiful spiritual ceremony that is part of the religion of Santeria and is done at the feet of one of the Orishas. The purpose of a rogacion or headwash is to clear and strengthen the head of the person, for us the main seat of consciousness and carrier of a person’s destiny. In Orisha religions the head is seen as leading each one of us through life, and it is vital that it is well looked after. An Orisha headwash is made of fixed and variable ingredients, determined by divination. Invariably, grated coconut will be used and the head will be wrapped in a white cloth. A rogacion will give you a temporary connection to an Orisha and will bring clarity, peace of mine and insight to your head. The ceremony involves prayers and ends with meditation. An Orisha headwash/Rogacion de Cabeza should be followed up by quiet contemplation and relaxation at home and early bedtime between clean sheets.

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