For those interested in Santeria, I offer the following services:


Invite me to give you a talk on Santeria at your event or meeting. Santeria is a religion with its roots in West Africa which was brought to Cuba by the transatlantic slave trade. There it developed over centuries to become a growing world reIigion today. I’ll give an all-round overview of the religion, its roots and history, its main spiritual entities (Orishas!) and their nature and attributes, as well as Santeria’s beliefs, philosophies, customs, initiations, magic, divination and global growth. Plus a little about my own personal experience and story as a Santeria initiate.


An orisha headwash (or head prayer) is a beautiful spiritual ceremony that is part of the religion of Santeria and is done at the feet of one of the Orishas. The purpose of a rogacion or headwash is to clear and strengthen the head of the person, for us the main seat of consciousness and carrier of a person’s destiny. In Orisha religions the head is seen as leading each one of us through life, and it is vital that it is well looked after. An Orisha headwash is made of fixed and variable ingredients, determined by divination. Invariably, grated coconut will be used and the head will be wrapped in a white cloth. A headwash will give you a temporary connection to an Orisha and will bring clarity, peace of mine and insight to your head. The ceremony involves prayers and ends with meditation. An Orisha headwash should be followed up by quiet contemplation and relaxation at home and early bedtime between clean sheets.


Book me for a workshop on one of the Orishas. Choose between Elegua, the Orisha at the crossroads, Yemaya, motherly Orisha of the oceans and seas or Oshun, Orisha of the rivers and beauty, sweetness. Or another Orisha you’d like to hear about, for instance Oya, Chango or Babaluaye. I’ll teach you some of their songs and explain their attributes, histories and tales and together we’ll bring them to life.

For more detailed on the religion of Santeria, follow this link.

Elegua by Badgersoph