The priestess

The priestess has her third eye wide open and is guided by its sounds, visions, knowledge and wisdom. Because her purpose is set on service to the universe, she filters out everything that is not appropriate or relevant to her calling, leaving her free to focus on her great work.
Moving back and forth between the worlds of the gods and the source of being, she brings wealth and wisdom from one to the other, courageously crossing the great abyss, the hungry desert, on her own resources, her trusty camel at her side, under the power of the mutable moon. Her’s is a solitary path fraught with havoc and danger but she walks with serene passion. Her travelling takes place between the 2 great pillars of the original duality. The book she carries is the work of the gods. Her journeying is a gift of love to humanity, each ready to receive when their time comes. Call on the priestess to open your third eye for guidance from the elevated world of spirit.