It is clear that we are part animal. What we doubt is the degree to which, and what parts, and how to deal with those parts. Or perhaps whether our animal nature is inseparable from our human nature. In the popular imagination and narrative, it is our animal nature that makes us responsible for great cruelty, heartlessness, brutishness. But history shows we are the most brutish amongst the lifeforms on the planet, if not by design then by our bigger brains enabling us to carry out greater cruelty. How we deal with the beast within, whether it be a noble, empathic creature that makes clean painless kills for self-survival purposes only –  or a fierce and vicious monster intent on destroying anything in the way of its egotistical demands, is a subject of our lives’ huge mysteries and challenges. The Strength card depicts a pact of peace with the King of Beasts, a person who has overcome her fear by her own compassion and strength. It is vital that we integrate our animal nature and strength, but to do so with the utmost intelligence and care.