The Chariot

We don’t know for sure, no one does, and that’s the point. But some say we receive a body, a cloak to live in for one lifetime, and a path to follow. Perhaps that path is decided on in consultation, with the gods, according to the needs of our soul. Many feel that there is a path they should be travelling, and that this path is what will bring them to their life’s purpose. The chariot is a metaphor for that path, that journey, and the vehicle we receive in the womb to make that journey in. If we are skilled or lucky, we may be able to steer the chariot in the right direction. But often the two horses pulling the chariot may veer in different directions, destabilizing the cart. The charioteer here has the extra help of a bow and arrow. Carefully and accurately aimed the arrow may speed on ahead of him in the right direction, calling him forward. Call on the chariot to realign with your life’s purpose and take your aim.