The Lovers

Legend has it that the primordial lovers were separated at birth. We are born into a state of separation and wander lonely and heartbroken until we are united with the other, the one who completes us. But even then, the bitter pangs of separation live on in our souls. Because we can never really flow into oneness, and the harder we try the more we are ripped apart. Like good cooking, true love is a question of the right amounts, the right timing, the right vibe. Love doesn’t just happen on its own. It takes commitment and hard work to sustain it. Without a strong decision to love and to keep on loving, love never lasts.

It is the sword of separation that gives us life, separates us from our mother’s womb when the time comes, from our parents’ nurturing as we go out into the world. That double edged sword, life-giving, and love-destroying that we must all learn to navigate during our lives not to miss out on the sweetness life has to offer.  That will cut us down if we don’t learn to wield it with grace and guile. Call on the lovers when you need wise guidance to walk in their shoes, to learn and follow their lessons to love not too much and not too little.