The Hermit

Some of us are born lucky, although in a noisy , restless world it might not seem like that. We may find it hard to turn off the quiet voice inside, that demands our attention and sabotages our day-to- day lives unless we constantly return to hear it out. For others it might take a tragedy to make us turn away from the outside noise and business, and step inside and truly listen. But as soon as we do, we many notice that it is not just our own voice we are hearing, but perhaps we are joined by other voices speaking softly to our soul. One thing is for sure, to hear that sound, those voices, attention must be turned inwards, and the more inward looking we are, the louder we hear them speak.

So the call of the hermit is harder for some than for others. And for most, it is louder at certain times, certain phases of our lives, sometimes, when we haven’t been listening and now we need to hear. Or when we have finally started listening. Because the hermit represents the search, the journey to find inner wisdom, the shining light that illuminates so brightly, but only when we turn off the electric lights.